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Magnum Ice Sheets (otherwise known as refrigerant pads) are the ideal  solution to your temporary beer cooling requirements.

Perfect for guest ales, warm days (and warm cellars), events, functions, festivals and more...


Available in packs of ten or by the roll (which typically makes about eighty sheets suitable for firkins), Ice Sheets are extremely good value.


Simply soak then freeze each sheet and it's ready for laying over your cask (or wrapping around your keg).


Reusable several times, once defrosted simply re-freeze and use again.  No mess, the Ice Sheet doesn't need

rehydrating between uses.


Ices Sheets available in the following sizes;

First Aid for Cellars!

If your cellar cooling is on the blink, or just can't cope with those extra hot days, then Magnum Ice Sheets will help.  

At certain times of the year refrigeration engineers can be overloaded with work and it may be several days before they can attend your cellar.  Use Ice Sheets to help keep your beers cool until they arrive.

Ice Sheet Roll (makes about 80). LEARN MORE




You may need to keep kegs cool in a function room or marquee, perhaps for a wedding party.  As soon as you've taken your beers from the cellar they are going to start warming up.  This is particularly a problem if you are not going to be serving straight away (unlikely of course if you are serving cask ales).  Keg beers are at risk of fobbing if they are too warm.  You need a way of keeping the beer temperature down.  Have your Ice Sheets pre frozen and ready for action.

Pub Based Beer Festivals

Maybe you want to serve four or five casks in the garden over a bank holiday weekend?  Ice Sheets are great for cooling low quantities of beers at festivals.  Allow a couple of Ice Sheets per cask (one on, with another in the freezer ready for swapping over).  The cooling effect continues once they have defrosted, so you may only need to swap over two or three times a day.

Large Festivals & Events

If you do not want the inconvenience and mess of using the traditional 'wet towel' cooling routine, or simply cannot afford to rent or buy large quantities of cooling equipment, the Ice Sheets could be the answer.  You of course need to allow adequate freezer capacity for at least half of your Ice Sheet stock, but creative customer thinking has found ways around this!  A friendly relationship with your local supermarket manager could provide access to large walk-in freezers, perfect for Ice Sheet storage.  What a great idea (I wish we'd thought of that!).

Delivery is normally one to two working days from receipt of order

(payment by credit card, debit card, cheque or bank transfer required).

EASY TO USE The instructions for using Ice Sheets couldn't be easier.

At such competitive prices Magnum Ice Sheets are extremely popular.  

Call us today on 01254 888108 to place your order.  

Magnum Ice Sheets & Rolls

Low cost temporary cooling solution for casks, kegs and more...

Magnum Ice Sheets & Rolls - Made from food safe materials!

Ice Sheet, Cask Ice Sheets,

Ice Sheets (refrigerant pads) Pack of 10 £29.00  +VAT

Ice Sheets Single Roll (60m, 4800 cells) £140.00 +VAT

Ice Sheets Six Roll Special (6 x 60m rolls) £660.00 + VAT

Ice Sheets Twin Roll (2 x 60m rolls, 9600 cells)   £240.00 +VAT

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