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The Cask and Keg Cellar Tidy is available for single or multiple unit purchase.







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Please call should you require a quotation for alternative quantities or have specific branding requirements.

Introducing a brand new Cellar Tidy.  Made from tough, durable injection moulded plastic, this brand new product has been introduced to offer the industry a practical storage system for modern cellar cask and keg consumables.


Until now the options for dedicated consumable storage have been limited.  The hard wearing plastic of this new cellar tidy will cope with harsh cask cellar environments and, unlike wooden or metal alternatives, will not rot or corrode and is totaly food safe.


Thanks to the innovative design, materials used and method of manufacture, the Cask Cellar Tidy is very attractively priced.


A Perfect Management Product for Managed Estates


Helping to keep control of stock and aiding efficiency the Cellar Tidy is an ideal tool for managed outlets.  Know where your cask consumables are kept and how many you have in stock with the glance of an eye (much better than having handfuls of hardpegs left on shelves and boxes).


If your business operates managed houses then please call us today on 01254 888118 to discuss your requirements.


Easy to keep clean.  Can be easily wiped down with a clean cloth.  Put it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.


Branding potential.  For a one off relatively small fee (and subject to a minimum order quantity of 50 units) your company name can be moulded into the main component tray.  For high volume users (250 units +) we can mould in a different standard colour to match your requirement.


Tap storage.  Handy storage for six cask cellar taps on the main shelf.


Wall mounting.  The Cellar Tidy fixes to walls using a simple mounting kit, comprising of screws, washers and rawl plugs.  

Slot fittings allow easy detachment of the Cellar Tidy components for cleaning.




Black 3mm Polypropylene with reinforcing ribs as required.  Food grade and dishwasher proof.


Dimensions (mm):  W400 x D310 x H50* (*height at front)

Cask Cellar Tidy Shelf Cellar Tidy Compartments Cellar Tidy Hooks for brushes

for Cask Widgets, Shives,

Cask Bungs, Hard & Soft Pegs, etc

for Cask Dipstick and Pipette

For Abbot Taps and Mallet


Cask Cellar Tidy

Combining Practicality and Affordability


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Single Cellar Tidy (1 unit)



10 x Cellar Tidies (Bulk)